PB Abbate


Patrol Base Abbate seeks to connect veterans through service projects and create healthy, robust communities for anyone who has served in the military. Camp Pendleton has served as the training ground to prepare generations of Marines to fight America’s battles across the globe. The legendary base in California has been the home of 3rd Battalion, 5th Marines of the 1st Marine Division for nearly 75 years.


In 2010, the Marines of 3/5 departed Camp Pendleton for Sangin, Afghanistan where they engaged in some of the heaviest fighting of the Global War on Terror. Their bravery and tenacity was unmatched. One of these Marines, Sergeant Matthew Abbate, was awarded the Navy Cross for his heroism on the battlefield. Sergeant Abbate was killed in action in 2010. His service so profoundly impacted his fellow Marines that they founded a nonprofit in his name to honor his legacy. 


In the same manner that Camp Pendleton welcomed home the Marines of 3/5 from treacherous foreign battlefields, Patrol Base Abbate offers veterans a place where they can rest and refit before going back to their own communities to serve.

A patrol base is a security perimeter that is set up when a platoon or squad is conducting a patrol and stops for a break. Patrol Base Abbate's goal is to provide a safe space for our members to rest inside the perimeter in order to get back to their communities with a renewed sense of purpose. We are your group and the patrol is life. Our Patrol Base is built around a cabin in Thompson Falls, Montana on land provided by one of our own members. It is intentionally austere to get us outside and on the move. Each year, we run several programs that bring service members and veterans with similar interests together. We also run local events and weekend long experiences all over the country. The only requirement to join is your current or past military service.
Sales from the Pendleton tent benefit PB Abbate