Project Forty

Project Forty disciples teens and young adults, revealing the character of God through wilderness adventure to deepen their relationship with God, family, and the community.


We desperately want to see teens and young adults passionately pursue their walk with God, value the stillness of creation in the midst of a technological society, and lead their communities in character impacting the WORLD for the kingdom of God one relationship at a time.


What may begin as an opportunity to learn a new adventure sport, has great potential to grow into a community of support and encouragement.  Built on the morals found in the Bible, Project Forty reaches out to the Christian and non-Christian community alike by training students in a new skill which yields quality time spent between leaders and students on a regular basis.  Trainings jump to the next level by going on multi-day, high adventure trips!  We love traveling to Kentucky to climb rock and rappel, north to Pictured Rocks for ice climbing, and all the way to British Columbia to mountaineer in Canada's Coastal Mountain Range.


Team work and effective communication are two of our primary goals through the trainings and they are definitely put into use on the adventure trips.  There is a varying level of difficulty in the trips offered, but each will ensure that the goals of the trip leader are accomplished.  Mental and physical challenges usher in personal growth and group impact.


Building meaningful relationships through the use of the time spent training and on the trip is the ultimate goal of Project Forty.  The more time leaders get with their students and with Project Forty instructors, the deeper the connection and greater the overall positive impact on our youth.  With the support of Out of Bounds we can support our goal of giving students in the urban culture of Flint, MI this very opportunity that could change the course of a student’s life.  Your direct support through your purchase of an Out of Bounds product will subsidize the cost for our urban youth, making outdoor adventures accessible for everyone regardless of their financial situation.


Project Forty would like to thank Out of Bounds for taking a “leap of faith” not only in crafting quality gear to give you the best outdoor experience you could possibly imagine, but in taking a bold stance to support Project Forty and similar missions to make an impact on our younger generation.  Out of Bounds is impacting more than the life of the outdoor enthusiast—they are changing the very lives of our younger generation, who have not even discovered the outdoors yet and all of its benefits—one tent at a time.  Thank you Out of Bounds for believing and partnering with us to change the world!


Sales of the Huron tent benefit Project Forty